A Course in Chinese Reading and Writing

This series of textbooks is composed of Elementary Chinese Reading and Writing, Intermediary Chinese Reading and Writing, and Advanced Chinese Reading and Writing, which correspond to the three stages of Chinese reading and writing and can be used respectively for the second semester of the first year and the two semesters in the second year by foreign students in college. Abiding by the principle of hand-in-hand development in reading and writing, the book integrates the training of reading and that of writing into a whole so as to cultivate the students’ writing ability together with their reading ability. Speaking of reading, the texts in the book are typical and enduring, with tips provided before them for convenience in use. As for writing, the training involves various genres of writing exercises, ranging from paragraphs to passages, in order to gradually improve the students’ ability in writing. Moreover, the reading text and the writing exercise in each unit corresponds with each other in both content and style so that the students’ skills in reading and writing can be improved to the largest extent as a result of the mutual influence between the two.