Shipping Policy and eBook Delivery

Orders' Processing Time

The orders will be dispatched from BLCUP warehouse within 2 working days after arrival of customer's payment (the processing time will be postponed in case of weekends and Chinese legal holidays). If there's any book out of stock, we will communicate with the customer via email. Please ensure that your registered email address is available.

Besides China Express Service (for Chinese domestic ordersshipment), BLCUP can also ship to virtually any address in the world with the following international shipping options:

International Express Courier (averages 5-10 business days)

International Service by air (averages 10-20 business days)

International Service by sea (60-90 business days)



For international orders, you may have to pay for local tax such as VAT or custom duty. We cannot guarantee whether customs duties will be levied on imported books and how much it would be. If import duty is incurred, this part of the cost will be borne by the customer. BLCUP will not be liable to refund for shipment failure if customer fails to clear the customs or pay the import duty.

Ebook Delivery
For customers who purchased eBooks issued by BLCUP, we provide instant delivery services. Please log in and go to Personal Center -- "My eBooks" -- "Read e-books online" (for filp eBooks) or "eBooks for PC" (for downloadable eBook in OPZ format that is only available for WINDOWS PC).