Ten Level Chinese

Ten Level Chinese is a Chinese textbook series compiled for the international students taking long-term Chinese courses in China. Considering the different levels of the students, the different native language they speak, and the large amount of learning hours per week, the series is specially designed to help the Chinese beginners to develop their Chinese skills comprehensively and to cultivate their language and communication ability.
The whole series is arranged based on the scientific classification of the learners’ language levels. In each level, there is paralleling training of four skills. Altogether there are 10 levels: the Threshold leads the learners into the world of Chinese in a relaxing manner; Levels 1-4 are for the elementary stage, emphasizing integrated skills training with combination of listening and speaking; Levels 5-8 are for the intermediate stage, focusing on sub-skill training with separate listening, speaking, reading and writing courses; Levels 9-10 are for the advanced stage, containing courses in news listening, social issues, etc.
The features of this series are:
1. Carefully designed levels; progress level by level
According to the placement exam scores, the students are put into different levels. In each level they receive the comprehensive training of the four skills and progress level by level. Upon finishing all the levels, they can reach the advanced stage.
2. Multiple cycling of language points; deepen learnt knowledge step by
Each volume is complete on its own. The language points in volumes are not simply connected in sequential order, but arranged spirally, which enable the learners to better grasp what they’ve learnt in each level.
3. Complete in sets vertically and horizontally; supplement each other
(1) It takes both systematism and practicality into consideration. Progressive learning is emphasized; meanwhile, the order is adjustable according to the learners’ practical needs. The integrated course, reading and writing course emphasizes systematism; while the listening and speaking course and the extensive reading course emphasize the practicality.
(2) The course type changes according to the levels. In the elementary stage, it is mainly integrated; in the intermediate, there are separate skills training; and in the advanced, it moves to the specialization of language abilities.
(3) Writing styles are introduced. In each course, there are specific writing styles and the corresponding instruction; and the courses together supplement each other in provide a comprehensive introduction of Chinese writing styles.
(4) Vocabulary teaching is included in every course to average the load.
4. Simple and practical; innovative and developmental
(1) It provides easy operation of teaching, simple arrangement of blocks and friendly design of layout.
(2) It emphasizes the interestingness and authenticity of the content, as well as the communicativeness and practicality of teaching.
(3) It adopts the latest achievements in research of Chinese language, Chinese acquisition and teaching, and integrates the features of task-based teaching, with focus on vocabulary and character training.
The series altogether contains 45 volumes in 10 levels. Currently Threshold and Integrated Textbook in Level 1 and News Listening in Level 9 have been published. News Listening in Level 10 is to be published soon. And the other volumes will be published before the end of 2008.